Should Christians Listen to Secular Music?


Hey Friends!

Music is a very wonderful thing and music today can be extremely catchy. It’s got a good beat, fun to dance to. But is secular music okay to listen to as Christians? Some say it’s not that big of a deal, It’s just words. Whereas others say you can only listen to Christian music.

Here’s my thought’s on this subject.

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20 Epic Christan Memes


Hey Friends!

My last couple posts have been a bit more serious and more thoughtful.Which isn’t bad at all! But today I’d like to post something a little more lighthearted.


I might like memes too much….

I’ve gone through my meme collection (520 memes) and have picked my favourite Christian memes!


(Just a note, I didn’t make any of these memes. I’m not that talented 😉 )

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Four Books So You Can Know Why

Four Books so

Hello friends!

Easter is this weekend! This is the week when we celebrate our saviour rising from the dead after dying on a cross for us.

But some of us have doubts or know others who doubt. Could Jesus really have been God and a man? Could Jesus really have risen from the dead? Did Jesus even exist?

So here are four apologetic books so that you can know the facts and see the evidence for our wonderful God.

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”

Matthew 7:7 (NIV)

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Why am I A Christian?

Why am i a christian

Lately, I’ve been thinking about why I’m Christian and my pre-Christian life. (Is pre-Christian a word??)

And I realized that I was less stressed as a non-christian.

But it came at a cost. I didn’t care about my family, I was literally on the internet all day…it was not good. I wasn’t truly happy. I was only ‘happy’ when I was doing selfish things.

So if I was technicality ‘happier’ (I’m using that word very loosely) as a non-christian than why am I following Jesus?

Also, guys don’t worry. I’m not writing this post to tell you’ve I’ve become a new age hippie and this blog is going to change to Karma Abounds 😉

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