Joy of the Lord – Rend Collective

Joy of the Lord1
Though tears may fall
My song will rise, my song will rise to You
Though my heart may fail
My song will rise, my song will rise to You
While there’s breath in my lungs
I will praise You, Lord
In this life, we will come across struggles and trials. There will be tears, and there will be pain.
But we aren’t without hope.

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5 Things I’ve Learned this Summer

5 Things I've Learned This Summer

Hey friends!

As of the time I’m writing this post, it is September. Which means it feels like fall despite the fact it isn’t officially fall until the 22. School has started up, churches are having their kick-offs, and the leaves are slowly turning yellow and red.

Summer is over.


While this summer had a lot of ups and downs, I still learned a lot and it was a great summer. So here are five things I’ve learned in the Summer of 2018.

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Hey friends.

So the last couple months have been interesting. They have been a constant up and down in how I feel I’m doing in life.

One week everything is going well, I’m waking up on time, I feel like I’m doing a good job at work, organizing time with friends, I’m doing okay.

And then I let one thing slip. I forgot to read my bible, I slept in, or maybe nothing ever happens. One little thing leads to another and I go back to feeling like everyone is going ahead in life and I’m stuck. Stuck having no motivation to do the things I love. Stuck being a giant mess.

If this is something you’re going through, you’re not alone. You’re not messed up.

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What is God Plan for Singleness as a Teen?

What is God Plan for Singleness as a Teen_

Hey Friends!

So this is a post I wrote months ago for a collab but life came up. So now finally this post has come to life!

Dating has become both such a big thing but also such an insignificant thing in the culture today. Let me explain. The world is obsessed with who is dating who, who likes who, who broke up with who and so forth. But dating in the world is also really casual with no commitment.

Singleness is also seen as a curse and as a depressing time.

But that’s what the world says.

What does God say?

(by the way, I am in no way a theologian so if my theology is wrong or something please let me know!

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10 Songs For When You Feel Stressed.

10 songs for when you feel stressed.jpg

Hey friends!

Life can be stressful at times. It can feel like you were okay a minute ago and now everything is falling apart. We can know in our heads that God has it under control but it doesn’t often feel that way.

But there is something about music.

Something that brings the truth from our head to our heart.

So here are 10 songs to remind you that God has it under control. That he loves you. This too shall pass.

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It’s Not About What God Can Do For Us

It's Not About What God Can Do For Us

Hey friends!

Something I’ve seen a lot in myself and in the culture around me is that our focus is wrong,

We see Jesus and our relationship with him as a tap of water. We go to Jesus when we’re thirsty but once we feel good and we’re okay, we leave to do whatever we want. We like the bible when it makes us feel good. (But only some parts of the Bible). We go to church so we can feel inspired.

The thing is being Christian isn’t about that.

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Hey friends!

So it’s been a little while since I’ve posted. And I’m afraid it’s going to be a little longer. Life has just been very busy especially in the month of June. I’m going to be taking an official hiatus until July to hopefully get my life under control and take some time to reflect and get ready for summer.

Love you guys!


Photo Credit;
unsplash-logoAlex Koch

What About Time???

What About Time___

Hi friends!

You’ve probably seen the books, the blog posts, the podcast, and the pastor talk about being a good steward. A steward of our money, our stuff, our relationships. Nothing we have is actually ours. It’s a gift that God gave us.

But what about time?

Time. It’s something that we all have but once it’s gone it never comes back.

Time is a precious gift that God gives us. We only have one life. The date today, June 4th,2018, 3:45pm (that’s the time I’m writing this at), is only happening now and it will never come back.

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